Welcome to my blog!

Hi friends!

I am Alexa (please don’t make an Amazon Alexa joke…they’re only funny coming from small children…)

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m an alumna of THE Ohio State University…Go Bucks!
  • I have Celiac Disease and have been gluten free for over 6 years
  • I love talking to people about food and how nutrition is intertwined with overall wellbeing and plan on getting my masters degree in Dietetics
  • If above mentioned does not occur, I will probably move to Ireland and open a gluten free bakery (or do this during retirement maybe, moral of the story is I just want to go back to Ireland)
  • I’m weirdly obsessed with documentaries
  • I would love to travel the world and see and experience as many places as possible
  • Brook Davis is probs my fav fictional character of all time. Any OTH fans out there.

So a while back I was chatting with my dad about my future and what I want to do in my future career and mentioned how many people in the nutrition and wellness communities had blogs. I mentioned that I did not think I wanted to get into blogging because of how saturated the health and wellness blogging community is. His response was to the effect of; if it only helps a few people will it be worth it. I believe helping people by talking about my experiences is worth it and I can reach so many more people with the help of the Internet, so here you are reading my first post. I hope you learn something new and enjoy!

What I want this blog to be:

I imagine this blog to be somewhat of a lifestyle blog. Here are a few main things I will be focusing on.

  • I want to spread awareness for Celiac Disease through my blogging, and on occasion share recipes, products and places I’ve tried.
  • I would love to discuss my schooling. How I got to where I am today and where I want to go next in terms of school and my future career.
  • I am not a health professional, but I may discuss my opinions or experiences with health trends.
  • When I am able to travel, I will talk about places I go and things I do
  • I also hope to discuss everyday swaps and choices individuals can make to be more conscious of their environmental impacts

These are by no means the limits to what I may decide to discuss in my blog at any point in time. I imagine with time and knowledge this blog will change. Nerd Alert… I really wanted to say evolve instead of change, but as a woman with a science background could not will myself to do it.

Anyways I am super excited to see where this venture takes me and I hope you follow along.

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