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Tacodeli: A Review

Hi friends,

I am back reviewing another new place I have visited in Austin. This week that place is Tacodeli. This was another very popular place when I was searching for gluten free in Austin, so I thought I would check out what all they hype is about.

Tacodeli, Spyglass Dr.

For anyone that does not know traditional Mexican food, and tex-mex is often naturally gluten free, or very easy to alter to be gluten free. The only real source of gluten would be a flour tortilla in most cases. Most places give you the option of flour or corn.

They do have seating, but it is also a grab and go, almost like fast food, but better quality. After looking at the menu, I knew I wanted to go for lunch. They have a breakfast and lunch menu and are only open until 3pm. I find that very odd, but I guess that means they make enough money to do that which is cool.

I got there a couple minutes before 11, which is when lunch service starts. The nice man working the counter let me order, but notifies me that it won’t be served until after 11 because they were changing over the kitchen for lunch service. I knew that might be the case and said that I had no problem waiting.

Crediting their suppliers.

I asked about what kind of tortillas the tacos would be on, and he said I had a choice. From the questions I was asking he gathered that I had some food restriction and asked. I said I was gluten free, and he rang it in that I had a gluten “allergy” along with the fact that I wanted to have my tacos on corn tortillas. I appreciated that he knew enough to ask about my restrictions and that they take precautions to serve safe food to people with dietary restrictions.

I ordered the blue plate meal. It is their lunch deal that comes with two tacos, rice and beans. I have been eating a lot of meat recently, which was not the case before I came to Texas so I opted for vegetarian tacos. I got the Heather, and the Space Cowboy. They were both very good. The space cowboy was a bit spicy for my liking. Growing up I ate nothing spicy, so it probably was not that spicy to anyone else, but anyways I probably will not get that one again. The heather was not spicy at all and was my favorite of the two. I did not really know what to expect when I got it because it had grilled queso, but it was very good. The whole meal was portioned very well in my mind and was reasonably priced.

Blue Plate Special

They also have Maine Root Soda in their pop machine. Sorry, I’m still an Ohioan/Midwesterner and say pop. I don’t drink pop that often anymore because of how artificial it is and tastes, but this is different. It is made in Austin and made with real cane sugar. I still do not get it often, but do like to treat myself to it every once in awhile. It tastes sweet like pop does, but does not taste so chemically to me.

They do have seating and I ate in, inside was a bit packed when I went because it was drizzly outside. If it were not that way they also have a nice patio which is a bit more spacious so you can spread out a bit more and not bump elbows with your neighbor.

Doing their part.

All in all my experience at Tacodeli was great. The guy working the register was friendly and knowledgeable about their product. He also gave me some ideas for other places to try, we will have to see if any of them have gluten free menus. The food came out pretty quickly and was a good sized portion at least for me. I cannot wait to go again and try some more of their delicious tacos.

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