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Cosmic Coffee: A Review

I’ve actually been to Cosmic Coffee twice now. The first time I met up with a friend from a previous job who is also living in Austin. The second time just by myself to get some work done.

Cosmic Coffee Austin, Tx.

The first time I walked into Cosmic Coffee I said to myself this is what I expected from Austin.

It is a coffee shop, but also a beer garden, which from what I’ve learned is pretty common. So behind the bar they have their espresso machine and all the gear to make a great cup of coffee, but also a wall of taps.


The decor was pretty out there, funky and fun, but not too over the top. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. With some of the outdoor seating even having cover.

In the outside seating area they have this cool biological pond with live fish in it. On top of that they have chickens in their beer garden. Not something I would normally expect in a beer garden, but I guess that’s part of what makes them unique.

Biologic Pond

It was a very nice environment to both work, and meet up and chat with a friend. They had music, but it was not too loud by any means. It was a fun place and one of the first places I went and saw multiple people around my age. I did not talk to any new people, I’ll work on that, but I am sure I could meet some really awesome people there.

Outdoor Seating

Both times I got the same thing, a cold brew coffee. At this point getting cold brew is kind of my way of comparing quality of coffee shops because it really is my go to drink. I may have to switch it up though. I have not been drinking as much caffeine and the last couple of times I have had cold brew I have been pretty shaky afterwards. Or maybe keep getting cold brew and save half for a later time, we will see.

Obviously I have not tried many places yet, but this has been the best cold brew I have had since being in Austin.

I also appreciated that they gave me my drinks in an actual glass since I was staying there. Lately I have seen places just putting all drinks in to go cups even for people who are staying and I do not like that one bit. In my opinion it just seems lazy, like yes you will need to do more dishes, but it is often better for the environment and makes me feel more welcome, like I can stay and do what I want to do. Maybe that’s just me, but let me know if you feel this way too.

All in all Cosmic Coffee is great. I imagine frequenting this shop a lot now that I have found it. Although I can not drink beer, I hope to go back sometime when it is more of a beer garden kind of crowd and see how it is. I am sure it is just as amazing, if not even more.

Funny Signs included in decor

Side note, if you are into climbing it is right next to a climbing gym called Crux Climbing Center. There are also multiple food trucks next to the shop, I do not know if they are associated or if they just happened to be there. Either way I am sure they are worth checking out if you are already at Cosmic.

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