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Thundercloud Subs: A Review

I was obsessed with Subway as a kid. I do not know why exactly, but I was. The only time I really got it was when my dad and sister would go to Chipotle. That was back when I was a much pickier eater. There was a Subway in the same shopping center and I would walk over and get myself a sandwich while they went to Chipotle. When I went gluten free I was always upset that Subway did not jump on the gluten free train. I do understand why, but I was still frustrated. Nowadays Jersey Mike’s has Udi’s gluten free sub rolls, but that is completely off topic. I enjoy eating at Jersey Mike’s, but do like to support local businesses whenever possible.

I do not eat sandwiches that often anymore, mostly because gluten free bread is too expensive for that. The other day I was craving a sub. I decided to go to Thundercloud Subs. Last year when I was in Texas I went to Thundercloud and really enjoyed my sub. I had no problems with cross contamination and had a good experience.

Thundercloud Subs is an Austin based sub shop. They source as many of their ingredients as possible locally and everything is very fresh.

Thundercloud Subs Slaughter Lane

I ordered turkey and provolone sandwich on a gluten free bun. This combination has always been my go to for sandwiches and subs. You can also get your sub in a bowl, but if a restaurant offers me a gluten free bun I’m personally going to take them up on it. The young lady asked if I would like a separate cutting board and knife. I said yes. With no complaint at all she went to the back and grabbed both of those items.

I decided to eat in the restaurant to get some more time out of the house. The location I visited is pretty fun. It has many posters on the walls and old concert flyers. You can tell the owners have a lot of pride in being a part of the Austin community by what they have displayed in their restaurant.

My sub was very good. The meat and cheese were fresh and yummy. The gluten free bun was not my all time favorite. It was a bit small, and somewhat grainy. This does not mean that I will not go back though. It is not like it was unedible. It was good, I have just tried a lot of gluten free bread at this point and know that there are big brands that I like a bit better.

All in all Thundercloud Subs was a win in my book. They made it a point to keep me, the customer, safe by using precautions like a clean cutting board and knife. On top of that they have options for us, which many sub places do not have, because of the hassle it would cause them.

Turkey sub on gluten free bread

If you are in a bind and need a quick bite, or craving some lunch meat definitely check out Thundercloud Subs. If you are in an area where there is a Thundercloud Subs I say you go for it and give it a try. They have lots of different sandwich options, and if you are worried about my analysis of the bread, you can always get the breadless option. I am sure that would make a great meal as well!

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