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Stouthaus Coffee Pub: A Review

I have been trying to get out of the house on days I am not working. Two main reasons for that is I tend to be somewhat more productive if I am not steps away from my bed, and I need to meet people. I have met a lot of people, just not a lot of people around my own age. I promise I am actively working on this. So I have been going out to coffee shops to go work on school and blog work.

Outdoor Seating

Recently I went to Stouthaus Coffee Pub. It is another coffee bar/ real bar. I went and worked out that morning, so got there later in the morning. It was crowded when I got there. Usually this is a good sign. People obviously like the place. Unfortunately this made for a bit of a difficult time finding a seat. I sat at the bar next to some very nice people. Working on my computer I had no problems. It was a bit cramped when I pulled out my notebook to take handwritten notes. It was somewhat cloudy outside and they did not have the lights on real high, so for me at that time it was not the best work environment.

Stouthouse Coffee Pub S. Lamar Boulevard

I ordered an almond milk mocha in an effort to not get shaky from too much caffeine This is somewhat of an internal dilemma for me. I do not regularly drink a whole lot of milk/milk alternatives, so sometimes lattes seem to have a bit too much milk for me. That was the case this day. The mocha itself was good, I just would have preferred it with less milk. I would have liked to have really experienced the other flavors a bit more. After being a barista for over three years I appreciate the taste of a good espresso shot and expect to be able to taste it in my espresso based drinks. I know that is not always how people feel.

Stouthouse Coffee Pub, S. Lamar Boulevard

Every interaction I had with people here was good, from the cashier to the people sitting around me. I feel like for me specifically if they had turned the lights on brighter it would have been a much better experience for me.

One thing I thought was really cool was that they had kombucha on tap. I love kombucha. I really wish I would have picked that as my drink that day. At coffee shops I usually only let myself buy one drink. In my budget it is not really affordable to go to coffee shops and buy multiple drinks and tip well and all that jazz all the time. So most of the time I stick to one drink and then have water.

Almond Milk Mocha

I do imagine I will give this place another try before completely knocking it. If nothing else they have good coffee and I can pick it up and not use it as a place to work. With the amount of people working it seemed like it was a good place to work for many people. The other customers and employees were nice and welcoming and made it a good experience. Next time I will definitely have to try the kombucha on tap and let you know how it is. Also if anyone wants to teach me how to brew kombucha so I can put a kombucha tap in my future home please let me know. I would love you forever.

Lastly they did have some gluten free treats. I believe I saw a brownie. I did not buy one, but appreciate when there are options for me! I’ll see about buying one next time and let you know how it is!

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