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Teal House Coffee and Bakery: A Review

I am definitely a sweet breakfast kind of person. I love pancakes and waffles, but my all time favorite is probably cinnamon rolls. And honestly in my mind one step above cinnamon rolls are orange rolls. They are cinnamon rolls with orange flavored frosting, ugh so good. Cinnamon rolls were something I really missed when I went gluten free. Not many places offer gluten free cinnamon rolls. I just knew I had to visit Teal House for the cinnamon rolls when I saw it on multiple gluten free Austin posts. Also I have totally been justifying eating out so often by telling myself I will write about it for the blog. I imagine that is probably not just a me thing…Let me know if that is the case for you!

Anyways a couple of weeks ago I was looking at places to go. I wanted to get out of the house and try another restaurant. It was late morning when I was looking for places. I was a bit hungry. Everything sounded appealing, like when you go to the grocery store hungry. But then I saw Teal House and the gluten free cinnamon rolls. When I saw this I knew that was where I was going to be going that day.

Teal House Bakery menu

Teal House is a food truck. So check mark one of my Austin boxes, eating from a food truck. I found a place to order the cinnamon rolls on their website. The website was a bit confusing. I could not tell if you had to buy the gluten free cinnamon rolls online or if I could just go over there and buy them. So I bought a half dozen online. Through the ordering system you put your phone number in. I got a text confirming my order. A little later on I received another text asking when I wanted to pick up my order.

I ran some errands while I waited. Then headed towards the food truck. I got over there and went up to the window and the guy working was so nice. Based on our conversation I imagine he was the owner. We chatted a bit about the gluten free cinnamon roll options and how excited I was about them. He seemed like a great guy and from our conversation I could tell he really wanted to make a quality gluten free option for customers. He even mentioned that if I have any feedback that he would love to hear it so he can improve.

Teal House Bakery Slaughter Lane

After looking at the menu it does seem you can pick up individual cinnamon rolls without ordering them online. I should have asked if they keep some already made or if you would have to wait. I’ll make sure to ask about that next time. But in my opinion if you are committing to going and getting cinnamon rolls you might as well buy some extras for later. But do what works for you my friend.

Since I was there I decided to get a coffee as well. I got a hot mocha with almond milk. I was very happy with the quality of the mocha I got. It was very delicious.

The cinnamon rolls made me very happy as well. The frosting was a cream cheese frosting, which I did not expect. I am used to cinnamon rolls from a tube. The frosting was very delicious despite being different than expected. The cinnamon roll had a bit of a graininess to it and was a bit dense, but otherwise it was very good. I definitely ate the whole half dozen by myself within the weekend and am not ashamed of it in the slightest.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

One thing to note is that they do only offer the gluten free cinnamon rolls on Friday and Saturday. My cinnamon rolls did not make it past the weekend. Because of this I do not know how well they would keep. I am sure if you called they would give you more information on if they suggest freezing them or if you had a big order and wanted them on another day of the week. Like I mentioned before the guy working seemed really awesome and I would imagine he would work with individuals or businesses to provide the gluten free cinnamon rolls on other days of the week if desired.

I will definitely be back to Teal House Coffee and Bakery for some cinnamon rolls and coffee. For me it is a bit out of the way just to get coffee, but the quality and the service are pretty great so I may try to get out there from time to time.

If you are living around the area they also have a punch card for frequent visitors. After you buy 10 drinks you get 1 free, so that is pretty cool. And personally I like that it is a physical punch card instead of a loyalty app because this girl has no more space on her phone. Too many food pics…oops…

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