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Vinaigrette: A Review

Last week I went to another OSU alumni event. Buckeye Fit and Brunch was the name of the event. We met at a workout studio to do a HIIT based workout and got brunch together afterwards.

Fit Austin, Manchaca Rd.

For brunch we went to Vinaigrette. I had not heard of it before and it was not on any of the gluten free resources I have used. I wanted to go to the event to try to meet more people, so I looked up the menu. A good portion of the menu is salads so that was promising. The reviews I found seemed to be good, although there were few.

So I went and we all did the workout, it was a bit intense, but we all survived! Then we  headed over to Vinaigrette. It was a cute place. And definitely geared towards more health conscious people. But best of all it had options for everyone including us with special dietary needs.

I asked the waitress what was gluten free. She said all the salads were good except one. But that was only because the dressing on it was not gluten free. She did not know specifically about the brunch specials. She did say that she would ask about it if I was interested. After seeing the brunch special come out I kind of wished I had asked about it. But now I know for next time if they still have it.

Vinaigrette Austin, Texas

One of the great parts of this being an alumni event was that I payed a flat fee. This got me the workout and brunch courtesy of THE Ohio State University. So sorry, I did not look at prices on the meals. Check out your local alumni club if you are not already involved. This can be a great way to meet people and find fun things to do in your city.

Anyways, I decided to try a juice. Since leaving Native, and Columbus I have not had much juice and it just sounded good.  What I ordered was not 100% juice. I got the Earth Bite. It had beets and I weirdly love beet juice. Never something I would have imagined. It was different. It was definitely earthy like the name suggests. Although not exactly what I expected it was pretty good. I am interested to try some of their other juices and cocktails in the future.

Earth Bite

Deciding what to get for food was very difficult. I am not used to having so many options. Gluten free menus usually are rather small. I ended up getting the Omega salad. Some people in our group talked very highly of it and I understand why. The salad was huge and I ate almost all of it. For me that is not normal. There are times my mom still makes me order off the kids menu and I am 23. Please note I do eat enough, she is not starving me by any means just saving some money. And if I get a full size meal a lot of times I have some leftover to take home. Everything in the salad was so fresh and delicious. It was a great choice and I can’t wait to go back and try some of the others I was debating on.

The Omega Salad

All in all I had a great experience at Vinaigrette. I was with a great group of people that are so welcoming and fun to hang out with. The service was great, especially for us having such a big group. We received our food and drinks in a timely manner. And they have a good gluten free selection.

This is your place if you are looking for a more health conscious, vegetable filled meal. Like many other Austin restaurants they use local farmers as much as possible, which is so amazing and something I appreciate about Austin. I will definitely be back to Vinaigrette here soon, and hopefully with some more fun people!

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