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Galaxy Cafe: A Review

Hey friends!

So I have not done a review on here for a few weeks, cuz your girl gotta stay on budget. Part of the reason I moved to Austin was to save money and that means really sticking to my budget. And we all know eating out can get expensive.

Galaxy Cafe is a small chain of restaurants in Austin. They serve everything from breakfast to dinner, and even do catering. And the gluten free menu consists of an extensive range of options. I do not know about you but having a large gluten free menu actually overwhelms me. Normally there are like very few options to chose from so the choice is easy. When you have what feels like all the options making a choice is so much more difficult. I often wonder how I made those decisions before eating gluten free, but then remembered myself being reluctant to try new things back then. I was a very picky eater as a kid.

Galaxy Cafe Gluten Free Menu

So I have actually been to Galaxy Cafe a few times now. Every time with family, and oh sharing meals with people you care about is so fun!

The first time I went to Galaxy Cafe was actually last summer on a weekend I was in Austin. I do not remember what I had to eat, but I remember liking the environment. The location on Brodie lane has one wall full of windows and there are fun mirrors on the other. It is a good mood kind of place in my opinion. Very bright and happy!

Galaxy Cafe Brodie Lane

The two times I have visited in the last couple of months I decided to try two different dishes. The first time I went with the Galaxy Breakfast Bowl. On the weekends they serve breakfast until 4pm and I love breakfast. This dish was a bit out of the norm for me honestly. Most of the time when I get breakfast I’ll get a sweeter breakfast if possible or a traditional American Breakfast. My food came out with a cute little gluten free tag, which made me feel less worry when eating it. It was very good. It was a bit spicy, but I think that might have been the sauce. And I am a wimp when it comes to spice. So really it could have had a normal amount of spice and I am just overreacting.

Galaxy Breakfast Bowl

The next time I ate at Galaxy I decided to switch it up. I got the veggie burger on a gluten free bun. This time I was super happy the woman working the counter read our order back to us. She had not put in that I needed gluten free, but I caught it before anything bad happened. The veggie burger was so satisfying in that moment. The burger itself fell apart easily, but it tasted good. And lets be real taste is most important behind actually being gluten free. I did learn that the fries are not in a dedicated fryer, sad I know. So I got fruit as my side. I was so sad though, the meal was very large and I was so caught up in conversation that I did not think to get a box and take my leftovers. But ya live and ya learn…

All in all Galaxy Cafe is a good choice for anyone on a gluten free diet. They seem to really get that for some of us it is a necessary way of life. They do little things like put the little tag in the meal stating its gluten free and those efforts really stand out. The gluten free menu is extensive and so far everything I have tried has been great. They also serve Maine Root Soda and if you have not been following along, I love it so much. I will definitely visit Galaxy Cafe again and maybe give something else a try. And I think you should too!

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