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Trudy’s: A Review

A few weeks ago I went and played in an adult soccer league. Some people I have met through my alumni organization have a team and invited me to join. I was quite nervous as I have not really played soccer in years. I played when I was younger, but gave it up to pursue dance. Although I was the least experienced I tried to keep up and enjoyed playing. And everyone on my team kindly welcomed me. After the game a group of us went to Trudy’s. From what I could gather visiting Trudy’s after a game is a common occurrence, so it was cool to be invited to join.

Trudy’s is a small Tex-Mex restaurant chain in Austin. During the week they open starting around lunchtime. On the weekends they open a bit earlier and serve brunch. They also have a full bar at each location. Each day they have different drink specials. The day we visited they had a make your own bloody Mary bar. I absolutely despise tomatoes, so I opted for a different beverage, but thought it was unique. I got my go-to drink instead, a margarita on the rocks with salt. Gotta replenish those electrolytes after a big game amirite.

When my teammates told me this was a Tex-Mex restaurant my worries about gluten free options vanished. Even if it was not the case I would have gone to hang out. But I was hungry after playing. We did not have any subs that game, so we all played the whole game. At first I did not get a separate gluten free menu assuming I could figure it out without it. That was not the case and I asked about a gluten free menu. They do have a separate gluten free menu and the waitress brought me one. The one I got was a bit crinkly, but it did the job. It was a bit weird though. I had to use the real menu and kind of cross check what items contained no gluten. But in the end I figured out what I could safely eat.

Trudy’s Gluten Free Menu

So the game was stupid early, and we got to Trudy’s about 10:15ish. At this point they were still only really serving breakfast. They did bring us chips and salsa which we devoured while we waited for our food.

After much contemplation, I decided to order some breakfast tacos with corn tortillas of course. The breakfast tacos had eggs, queso, bacon, and some sort of salsa, but they have multiple different options for breakfast tacos. I was really excited about the queso being on the taco. I am still on the hunt for a queso as good as Condado’s in Columbus. For me the portion was really good, I ate most of my meal and felt good about it. They were pretty good breakfast tacos as well. Not the best breakfast tacos I have ever had. So I’ll have to see if Austin has some better breakfast tacos. Overall I was very happy with my meal and my company. And most importantly I did not get sick.

Gluten Free Breakfast Tacos

As a celiac I felt safe at this restaurant. I asked questions. A few answers the waitress did not know, but was honest and went and asked management. I do plan on going back and playing more soccer, so I imagine I will find myself at Trudy’s once again. I hope to give more of their tacos a try and see how they are, and lets be real have a few more margaritas while I am at it…

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