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What is a Vision Board?

So a couple of weeks ago I talked about plans (if you haven’t read it check it out here). A few hours after posting this I got a text from my dad. He said I read your article and you still have to have goals. I was a bit confused. My response was I still have goals, big goals in fact. There are just multiple different ways in which I could get to these goals. Then we discussed more in depth about how plans and goals are not synonymous, but instead plans are how you get to your goals. After that I decided it would be good to share my vision/goal/quote/random reminders board.

Vision boards have become a big thing in the last few years. And maybe they have been around for a while, but with Pinterest and everyone now crafting I have just become more aware of their existence. Even the book I just finished (You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero) suggested making a vision board. The author suggests using vision boards to help with manifestation.

At the beginning of the year when I was setting goals, I decided I wanted to see them somehow every day. I liked the idea of a vision board. The problem was that all the ideas for vision boards used magazine clippings. I almost never buy magazines. The only time I really ever buy magazines is at the airport. It is like my weird tradition at this point. In my opinion magazines just do not add too much value to my life, so I don’t spend my money on them. That is not to say you should not buy them if you enjoy reading them. So I was trying to be creative, which I am so so at… I am definitely the wishes I was more creative, crafty, artsy, but definitely not really great at any of those things.

My Vision Board

So after thinking about it for a while, I figured out my own way of displaying my goals and visions without using magazine clippings. I went out and bought a cork board. Most of the vision board ideas I had seen used poster boards with the intention of throwing them out at the end of a year. That seemed pretty wasteful to me. So I decided to get a cork board. Using a cork board meant I could switch things up whenever I wanted. So I was gung-ho on using this new cork board. I was excited that with time my visions, and goals could change and I could continue to use the cork board.

Then came thinking about what I was actually going to put on it. Ironically I had two old magazines that I went through and cut up. That was not enough to fill my board. And honestly to this day it still is not full. And maybe it never will be and that will be ok.

My Vision Board

At this time I had just finished unpacking from my move. I remembered that I had a handful of old greeting cards in my belongings. As a kid, I thought I needed to keep all of the cards I received for every life event. As I am growing older I am trying to rid myself of unnecessary belongings. But I remembered that I had cards with me. And cards have positive messaging and so I decided to cut up my cards for my board. In a bit I will tell you what I am doing with the cards that did not get used for my board. From the cards I cut out handwritten notes from family members, and messaging that really resonated with me. I added these all to my board.

Since making the board I have also added some reminders to myself. Things I often need to remind myself of, but would not do if they were not right in front of me.

My Goals

For most of my goals I used scrap paper and stickers I had on hand to write them out. For these I made subheadings of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Since I am using a cork board I can move my goals around as time goes on. On the back of each goal I put the exact date I want to accomplish the goal. This was to make sure that if they did not get moved that I would still achieve them in the original time frame. I am sure you could get a bit more creative with this if you wanted. I just did not want to spend too much more money on supplies. And it is what worked for me.

I had some trouble figuring out some short term goals, so I left the 3 and 6 months blank. But I had goals for 1 year, 2 year and 5 years. These goals were:

1 Year Goals

$6,000 in my bank account

Less than $27,000 in debt. This includes student and car loans.

An email list for the blog.

2 Year Goal

25 states by the age of 25. Right now I have visited 21 states, only 4 more to go til I meet my goal!

5 Year Goal

Becoming a dietitian and becoming Alexa Prass, MS, RDN. Learn more about how I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be a dietitian here.

So I am super excited about my version of a vision board. It is hanging on the wall in front of my desk and I look at it every day. On the days I do not want to work, it reminds me of how big my goals are. And that being lazy won’t get me to where I want to be. Other days it reminds me that although I still have far to go to have my dream career I have already come so far. Like come on I graduated from my dream undergraduate school in 4 years. That is totally something to celebrate and be proud of. Peep my diploma in the pic below!

My desk in my room

Unused Cards

So there were some cards I chose not to use. I was trying to figure out what to do with these. Many cards these days are super extravagant and have glitter and the works. I figured those could not be recycled, and after an internet search confirmed that to be the case.

While searching this I stumbled upon a blog post all about recycling greeting cards. The website I found it on was called Recycle Nation. They suggested sending the front of the cards to St. Jude’s Ranch For Children. They take the cards and the children use them for different crafts. And then as far as I can tell they sell these crafts as fundraisers. There are some restrictions due to copyright laws, but details can be found on St. Jude’s Ranch For Children website. So I plan on sending the card fronts and hopefully the kids will be able to use them. The ones that could not be used due to copyright unfortunately had to be thrown out. But I am glad I did not have to just throw them all out.

Sending Card to be Reused

I know I have a lot more cards left in my belongings at my parents house. As long as this program continues, I plan on sending them my cards while purging of no-longer necessary belongings. I hope you consider doing the same instead of just throwing them in the garbage. Or use them for your own vision board.

I want to hear from you. Do you have a vision board? If so what is on it? If not, what would you put on it? Let me know in the comments!

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