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Mighty Fine: A Review

Mighty Fine is an Austin-based burger joint. There are five locations around the Austin area. In the short time they have been around Mighty Fine has made a mighty impact. They value serving quality food with great customer service, or what they call Texas hospitality.

Mighty Fine Sign


The restaurant made me feel like I was at an outdoor family gathering. And it really felt inviting. The tables had checkered table cloths and fold up chairs. None of it was super fancy in the restaurant, but the environment itself gave a comforting and relaxed feeling.

Indoor Seating Area

Guests order the food at the counter and when the food is ready an employee announces the name on the bag over the intercom.

This is the first Austin based burger joint that I have been to. But supposedly each has their own thing to set them apart. Mighty Fine’s thing is the hand washing station. I did not know it was such an important part of the visit or I would have done it. Anyways, there is a hand sanitizer that you stick your hands in and it sanitizes them. If you cannot imagine this machine in your head just google it and it will make more sense. At the location I went to it was near the Coke machine. Once it is finished you dry your hands and get a sticker. Before going into Mighty Fine I had never seen a hand sanitizer machine. Next time I visit I definitely will try it out and get a sticker of my own.

Ordering Experience

Mighty Fine has the typical American fare. In my experience most places similar to Mighty Fine the gluten free option would be a hamburger sometimes with the option of a gluten free bun. But other times a gluten free bun may not be available. But not at Mighty Fine. They provide for the gluten free community by offering gluten free buns, and allergen free fries upon request. And in my opinion anyone who has a separate fryer for gluten free fries has my business.

I ordered a hamburger with a gluten free bun and fries. The woman helping me was training at the time and I mentioned I needed the gluten free fryer. This confused her, but the trainer asked the allergy versus preference question. And I said allergy as I do, even though it is not, and they made note of it.

And it is actually really cool how they do orders at Mighty Fine. They have made a bag where they write your order straight on the bag. I thought that was kind of genius. They did confuse me a bit when they asked if on my burger I wanted red, yellow, or white. Nobody had ever asked me that before, and I was stumped for a second. After seeing my confusion the employee helping me asked it in a different way. They use the colors of the condiments instead of the condiments names. She was asking if I wanted ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise.

Mighty Fine Bag

In the moment I felt really silly. Like I am a college educated woman ordering a burger, I felt like I should have been able to figure that one out. But the employees were very nice and helpful and did not actually do anything to make me feel this way. It goes back to the common practice of us being harder on ourselves than others. Anyways back to talking about the restaurant now.


When I got my food I was a bit skeptical, just because of the confusion at the counter. But my bag did have my name and had allergy written on it with gluten free bun and gf above the french fry option. So I looked over at the buns of my family members I was there with and saw they were different. Also I am totally horrible because I brought my Nima sensor but was too impatient to use it. I am so excited about the technology, but sometimes I just am so ready to eat that waiting for it seems like too much. This is something I want to get better at because I am lucky enough to own the technology whereas others may not. I am trying to do better.

Finally I decided to dig in before getting any pictures. The food was mighty good. The gluten free bun was good, but not the best I have ever had. I could not figure out who they get them from. The meat was juicy and cooked and seasoned well. The fries were cooked just right and were still warm when I got them. In my opinion that is one of the best experiences ever, getting fresh fries. I thoroughly enjoyed my food and did not have any gluten troubles eating at Mighty Fine.

Gluten Free Burger and Fries

Last thoughts

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After experiencing Mighty Fine I believe they are a restaurant I will continue to go to as long as I am in Austin. They take precautions to keep anyone needing to be gluten free safe. They offer gluten free buns and fries made in a separate fryer than the onion rings. When ordering the gluten free options they ask if it is an allergy and seem pretty knowledgeable. Lastly the food was delicious and I did not have any symptoms of being glutened after eating here.

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