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Metro Diner: A Review

When I headed to Fayetteville to visit my friends I imagined most of the local places not being great options for me. My friends always talk about how few options they have for eating out as well as for entertainment. To my surprise there seemed to be more places with gluten-free options than I expected. Metro Diner being one of them. 

Metro Diner Menu


Metro Diner is a small chain that started in Florida. Currently they have locations in fourteen states and I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit one.

It was a nice little diner. We went in on a weekday morning and got seated immediately. I do imagine on the weekends this being a more hoppin’ place as there are not too many breakfast places around.

Metro Diner Fayetteville, NC

There were multiple types of seating. And the walls were covered with memorabilia showing their support for the military. Which makes sense seeing as they are located in a military town. Otherwise it felt pretty retro with a checkered floor and fixed soda fountain bar stools.

The staff were sweet and knowledgeable about the offerings at the restaurant. At times it was a bit difficult to get their attention, but that definitely did not ruin our experience by any means.


Going into the diner I imagined I would just be ordering eggs and bacon. Not my favorite meal of all times, but a classic that is usually relatively safe.

As I was looking over the menu I saw that they offered gluten-free toast. I was curious about this so I asked the waitress if they had a separate gluten-free toaster. I asked despite thinking the answer would be no. When I asked she said no, but then after she went to put in our order she came back to our table. She told me she had asked the chef and that they did indeed have a dedicated gluten-free toaster and asked if I wanted toast. I was impressed by her interest in the answer to the question and dedication to getting me the meal I wanted. Of course I had to say yes. There was a bit of an upcharge for the toast, but not crazy. And I very rarely eat gluten-free bread so when I have the opportunity to I usually take it. So that was exciting and unexpected.

My final order with the gluten-free toast was scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. Nothing too fancy, but also not something I make for myself at home all the time. I was happy with my meal. It was a quality meal. On their website it talks about their desire to cook with local and fresh foods and it really showed in the final product.

Pro-tip order your hashbrowns crispy. They are better that way.

Gluten-Free Breakfast


All in all this was a surprisingly great option for us. The location I went to was very nice and although a part of a chain it felt more like a hometown diner. A place where locals go regularly, but also a place that is welcoming to any and all.

They serve all types of breakfast foods and have options for me and my gluten-free friends. This includes gluten-free bread in a dedicated toaster. I still cannot get over that point. If you are a celiac you know that that effort is big and important.

I definitely suggest visiting a Metro Diner if you get the chance. If I get out to see my friends again, or see it while visiting one of the other thirteen states they are located in I definitely would give them another visit!

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