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BellaGreen: A Review

Back in February I drove over to Houston for a weekend. This was the first time I actually spent any time in Houston. The only other time I had been in Houston was to go to the airport. I was visiting mainly for the Houston Eating Disorder Community Conference. Weirdly I have not found many opportunities to meet, and network with dietitians and professionals in Austin. So when I saw some of the dietitians I follow on Instagram promoting this, and planning it I knew I had to go. And I am so glad I did. A family member also lives in Houston so I was able to visit with him as well and make a whole weekend out of it.

BellaGreen is the only place I took pictures and notes during my trip. Although not the only place I ate. When I am with others, especially others I may not see often I do not try to ruin the mood by taking food pictures. Sometimes you have to just live in the moment and I try my best to do that.


BellaGreen is a cute restaurant with a natural flare. This natural flare included flowers, wood accents, and repurposed items such as lightbulb vases. The space was set up very nicely with enough seating, and variable table sizes. I really feel bad when I am eating alone at like a four person table and others can’t sit because of it. I feel like others that eat out alone can probably relate. At the location I visited there was both indoor and outdoor seating.

BellaGreen Bar

At BellaGreen you order at the counter and are given a number for your table. The number card even comes with a cute little quote. Thankfully the menu is labeled with the gluten free options. I did have a few questions, but the cashier was able to answer them without trouble. So that was awesome.

Table Number

Another really cool thing about this Texas-based restaurant chain is that they are committed to reducing their ecological impact. They talk more about it on their website, and also have signs and information about how they are achieving their environmental goals around the restaurant. I believe we should all be doing better in trying to help fight the climate crisis, so when I come across businesses that are trying to make an impact I want to support them. Unfortunately there are none of their restaurants in Austin, so this is how I shall support them. With a great review!


If you have not read any of my posts, or don’t know much about me yet…. I love pancakes. Always have and always will. Pretty much anytime there are gluten-free pancakes on the menu I will order them. If you are eating with me and there are gluten-free pancakes on the menu and I don’t order them, maybe be a bit worried.

First I ordered a mimosa. I don’t often drink by myself, and morning adult beverages are not always that appealing to me. Aka mimosas, and tequila sunrise. The content discussed in the conference was heavy. They had individuals share some of their personal eating disorder stories, and teaching how practitioners can approach eating disorders in a healthy way. I would not say the mimosa was necessary, but it was a treat for sure. I also took my notebook into the restaurant and journaled some of my thoughts and feelings while waiting for my food. If you go out to eat by yourself, don’t be ashamed to bring something to entertain yourself. Or just hang out and people watch. You do you, but don’t let being alone keep you from eating out if it is something you enjoy.


Anyways back to the food. I ordered the gluten-free lemon poppyseed pancakes. I really enjoy the lemon poppyseed flavor combination so I was stoked when that was the gluten-free pancake flavor. I imagine as they are a company that is cognizant of environmental impact that their menu is probably seasonal. I am not positive on this one though. These pancakes were delicious and totally awesome. I was so happy with my decision to try out BellaGreen because of these pancakes. I devoured the stack… of two… I don’t think it was the best gluten-free pancake batter I’ve ever had. But they were nonetheless very delicious gluten-free pancakes. I would eat them again if I could. But with everything that is happening now I don’t imagine I’ll get to Houston anytime soon.

Gluten-Free Pancake Breakfast

With my pancakes I got the sausage. And now that I am writing this and looking back over the menu I can’t explain. I definitely prefer bacon to sausage. Anyway, it was good sausage. The skin was a bit tough, but I think I am just not used to eating sausage links that much. The flavor of the sausage was delicious and I enjoyed it.


All in all I was very impressed with my experience at BellaGreen. I appreciate the work they are doing to run a successful restaurant while reducing their ecological footprint. I also obviously appreciate greatly that they have a significant selection of gluten-free options. I would definitely recommend eating at BellaGreen if you have the opportunity. Like I mentioned before if I was in Houston again I would for sure enjoy more meals here.

Other restaurants I visited, but am not going to write up include:

Pondicheri – Indian American restaurant with many gluten-free and vegetarian options

Enjoy your trip to Houston and tell me how you like BellaGreen after you visit!

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