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Via 313: A Review

Pizza is probably one of the more difficult foods to find safely gluten-free. Many chains are now offering gluten-free pizza options, but some are more trustworthy than others. Cross-contact risk in a pizza place is high. I understand why many people may choose not to order pizza out and instead make their own or buy frozen options. But being an Austin original restaurant and seeing good reviews I thought Via 313 probably took gluten-free orders seriously. Since my first visit last fall I have eaten at Via 313 a handful of times, and never gotten glutened from their pizza. 


So Via 313 is a small Austin-based restaurant chain. They started out with a pizza trailer, very Austin. Now they have a few trailers as well as a few brick-and-mortar storefronts. I have only visited the one trailer downtown in Buford’s, conveniently located across the street from the bar The Ohio State Alumni Club watches Buckeye football games.

This trailer is located inside of Buford’s. A fun bar with lots of ways to keep yourself entertained. They have corn hole, a huge tv screen, a dance stage and Via 313. During times before socially distancing was a thing there were multiple tables near the trailer to sit and enjoy your pizza. The first time I went to Buford’s I saw the trailer and did not realize they had gluten-free pizza. I am still to this day upset by that fact. I was drinking with friends, and could have used a good pizza. Their pizza is good enough to be angry when you don’t get it and had the chance to.

Currently, aka during stay-at-home orders in Austin, Via 313 is still open for business with take out. In this case they are serving outside the back of the trailer at Buford’s. The other locations are open as well with restrictions on eating at the location as many restaurants do right now.


Most of the times I have enjoyed a Via 313 pizza were Buckeye Game Days. What better food to eat with some Austin East Cider than a Detroit-style pizza? You may be wondering what is Detroit-style pizza? Honestly I would have never known about this pizza style without first being exposed to it by my college roommate while visiting her hometown in Michigan. Detroit-style pizza has a thicker crust with the sauce on top of all the toppings. Every pizza I have had this way I have enjoyed. It can be messier this way than a traditional pizza, but who really cares. Sometimes all of us get messy faces or clothes while eating. It happens…

When it comes to pizza I tend to be pretty boring. Most of the time I order plain cheese pizza, obviously on a gluten-free crust. But Via 313 has a long list of toppings and pre-thought out topping pairings. There are definitely a few I would like to try, but have not done so yet. Along with the option for gluten-free crusts they also have dairy free cheese options, and meat alternatives. No matter what dietary restrictions you and your friends or family have you will have options at Via 313.

Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza

One of my favorite things about Via 313’s gluten-free crust is that it is thicker than most gluten-free crusts. Growing up, while I ate gluten, we always got thick crust pizza. The crust really is a big part of what makes a pizza good, and I prefer a thicker crust. Since going gluten-free and understanding more the food science behind gluten I understand why most gluten-free crusts are thin. I am always excited when a restaurant offers a crust that is thicker and gluten-free. Via 313’s gluten-free crust is one of the best gluten-free pizza crusts I’ve ever tried. It is impressive for sure.

Along with the great crust the toppings are delicious and quality as well. With that quality does come a price. For me Via 313 is more of a treat as a four piece pizza with the gluten-free crust and tip can run close to $20. This is something I cannot do all the time, but every once in awhile it is a nice fun meal to enjoy. It also was a lifesaver when I was downtown and needing food.


Via 313 is a local pizza chain that started as a single pizza trailer. I absolutely love visiting and promoting small local restaurants and shops. There are a few locations throughout the city and I am sure you will get exceptional service at all of them. In my experiences at the Buford’s location I have been impressed. Despite the small space they work in, they are fast, and I have never been sick due to cross-contact with gluten.

I personally believe Via 313 to be a good option for gluten-free pizza and I hope you feel you can give it a try. If that does not feel comfortable for you I totally understand. There are many other great cuisines that Austin does well and restaurants that you may feel more comfortable at. Find more restaurant reviews here.

If you do visit Via 313 let me know what pizza you get and about your experience in the comments!

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