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Mediterranean Deli: A Review

Mediterranean Deli aka Med Deli is the first place I ate out in Chapel Hill when I moved here in July. I heard great reviews from everyone that I talked to about Med Deli and whenever I tell people I am gluten-free they ask if I’ve visited yet. 

Med Deli is a local family owned deli with an incredible backstory. I honestly don’t think I can do it justice, so if you want to learn more they have the information on the website. From my experiences and the information on the website it seems the family owners love the food industry and take much pride in their work. 


The first time I visited Med Deli it was summer and there was outdoor seating. Mind you, all of this is during pandemic limited seating and dining out. They did have some indoor seating with the tables appropriately spaced, but my friend and I opted to sit outside. 

Inside they have multiple deli cases with a wide variety of foods I have never seen before. It was fun to watch them work while we waited for our food. I did not spend much time inside the restaurant, but it seemed like a nice environment overall. From what I could tell, they were doing their best to keep up with the states protocols for being open and that made me feel good about dining with them. 


Based on the menu online Med Deli has a lot of gluten-free options. That is why so many people have asked me if I have visited them because it is advertised. They have catering trucks that I see on occasion, and they even have the certified gluten-free label on the truck. They seem to take the need for gluten-free food seriously. 

I have visited twice since moving here. I am trying to keep my eating out budget low, so I’m mostly eating at home. Both times I got a falafel and eggplant pita. You read that right, I got a pita! They make their own gluten-free pita bread and on their menu it is marked when something is gluten-free if you get it on the gluten-free pita. This last time I also got a date bar, which was stored in the case above the gluten-containing desserts, go them. 

The food itself was good. I was happy with the product both times I dined with Med Deli and did not get sick from gluten, which really is the most important part. The food was filling, and they serve large portions for a great price. I definitely will continue to visit Med Deli while I live here and suggest it to all, including my gluten-free friends.  


Med Deli is a great option for food on Franklin Street for anyone and everyone. They have so many options and they take dietary considerations seriously. I just cannot imagine anyone leaving hungry. Locally Med Deli is well known and loved and from my experience I understand why. If you are gluten-free and visiting Chapel Hill I think this is one of the best local options. I will chose to continue to support them throughout my time here and hope if you are reading this you get a chance to visit them and experience Med Deli for yourself.

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