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The Final Authentically Alexa Post

About four years ago I started this blog as a way to help Celiacs and others requiring a gluten-free diet. Throughout my gluten-free years I’ve known there has always been a lack of support for those of us who need to be eating gluten-free for health reasons. At the time, I knew I wanted to go into dietetics to better support people in this community, but wasn’t quite there yet. So, I started writing reviews of restaurants with gluten-free menus. While this was fun, it was also time consuming and never became anything more than a hobby. I learned through this experience that to make a blog successful you need a lot more consistency, something I could never give to my hobby blog. I’ve enjoyed trying new restaurants while I’ve traveled and writing about them for y’all, but now that I am a licensed and credentialed provider I hope to make a bigger impact on the Celiac and gluten-free community. I want to do this by building education and supporting people in learning how to make decisions themselves on the safety of a restaurant and how to advocate for themselves and their health. Because of that, it is time to set the blog aside and spend my hours outside my 9-5 on that dream and that project as I believe it will impact so many more people than a restaurant review of a single location restaurant ever could. If you are still reading this and want to continue to follow along on my journey sign up for my new email newsletter here. Over the next few months I will be detailing 10 things I’ve learned over 10 years with Celiac. I’ll also continue to post on my Instagram here. And thank you so much for supporting me and this website. I hope the content I was able to create was helpful to you or someone you care about. 

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